About Us

We are the folks that created Zammad.

If you are visiting Berlin, drop by! (No buses please.)

Why we made Zammad

As we all know, back in the day everything was much easier. Urgent questions were received by phone call. If something had a bit of time, you handled it by “snail” mail. But the way we communicate has dramatically changed since those days. Privately we communicate through multiple channels: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have long been part of everyday life. And companies have taken note of this too. With success comes a heightened need for communication - and thus the number of tools needed to meet that need.

Zammad did not invent the ticketing system. But we firmly believe that it’s got a lot of potential to be: Better. More open. Freer. - With Zammad we’re not only creating a new and fresh start for an established software division: we’re starting a movement, a community. The launch of Zammad was a big bang of a new galaxy of open source help desk software.

Our mission: Quality of Life

If you ask us what our goal is with Zammad, we have a lot of prepared answers. Bottom line, what’s important is that our end users can work in office properly and conscientiously, and that in their free time they be able to devote themselves with a clear conscience to what makes life worth living - be it spending time with the family, kitesurfing, building ships in a bottle or playing the didgeridoo. We hope that the Zammad will give people security and confidence and make their lives a little more pleasant. The tickets won’t run away.

The Zammad organisation

Zammad Foundation

a non-profit (NGO) organization that owns the Zammad source code. This is important because it provides the legal liberty needed for an open source project. Visit the website at zammad-foundation.org

Zammad Community

our community website where you can download Zammad and contribute. It is the heart and soul of Zammad. Visit the website at zammad.org

Zammad Professional Services

the commercially operating website where you can purchase services for Zammad and rent a rent a hosted version of Zammad. zammad.com

Our Team

We launched Zammad for you.

Foto of Felix
Felix Niklas
Technical Consultant
Finally a web application that leaves behind old Internet Explorers. Working with the latest web standards makes layouting the interface a breeze.
Foto of Georg
Georg Klimm
Application Designer
Zammad has the best multi channel integration to customers. You have all communication with the customer in one place. It's important for ISO certifications, too.
Foto of Johannes
Johannes Nickel
UX Consultant
Working on Zammad always felt like baking the last piece of the global open source web cake. Now, let’s light a candle and celebrate!
Foto of Martin
Martin Edenhofer
Zammad is a big deal because it's in a market without an elegant and powerful open source alternative.
Foto of Roy
Roy Kaldung
Using Zammad is like using a desktop application (e. g. push notifications). Every information is shown to me automatically. And with the configurable text modules and all the keyboard shortcuts I’m able to focus on my regular daily job. Just try it!
Foto of Rolf
Rolf Schmidt
We’ve been extra careful designing a software a lot of people will use every day, all day.
Foto of Thorsten
Thorsten Eckel
Zammad combines the spirit and experience of more than 10 years in open source and ticketing with the energy and synergy of proven and modern web technologies and pulls me as a developer to implement ideas and functionalities that were not possible before.